Text Set Collection #1: Zoo animals for PreK-Kindergarten age group

Text Set Collection #1: Zoo animals

PreK-Kindergarten Age Group


Tennessee State Standards:

GLE 7.3.1

GLE 7.3.2

GLE 7.4.2


Zoo animal websites


This is an online book written by Rolando Merino for his son Rollie. It is about animals that live in the zoo and what sounds they make. As a kindergarten teacher I would use this unit very on in the year. I would read the story and ask students basic questions afterwards.


This is a cool website. I would take my students to the computer lab and have them work on this as I am observing them and helping them. On this website you can make animals and play with them. You can also go on guided tours and look up information and learn about animal habitats.


This website has great ideas for finger plays and songs to teach children about zoo animals. The songs are set to tunes of songs that a lot of children already know, like “Wheels on the Bus”.


The San Diego Zoo has an option to adopt animals. I think this would be a great idea for a year long project. The class would adopt a zoo animal or two, and then talk about these animals all year and keep track of how they are doing.


This is an online website, but an offline tool. This is a website I go to get coloring pages of zoo animals. We talk about an animal, and then the students can color a picture.




Zoo animal Miscellaneous

Zoo Boxes

The Knoxville Zoo has something that they call a zoo box that schools can borrow and use. They have them for all different age groups and in all different areas of interest.

Field Trip to the zoo

I would just take my students on a field trip to the zoo at the end of the unit on zoo animals. The Knoxville Zoo is a great place to go!

Animal Cracker game

This is a fun game. I would bring a box of zoo animal crackers in and then give each child an animal cracker. They would have to tell me what animal it is, and what sound the animal makes. If they knew a fact about that animal, they could tell me as well. After that, they could eat their cracker.

Animal tracks

Talk to the students about what animal tracks are and show them pictures so they learn how animal tracks are different and alike. You can also buy small plastic animals and put the feet in paint and show the students that way as well. This is more hands on for them. You’d want to show them real pictures first though.


Slide show/powerpoint


This is a power point/slide show about zoo animals. It was made for kids by kids.


Books about going to the Zoo and Zoo animals

Dear Zoo

This book is a flap book and has students trying to guess which zoo animal is under each flap by descriptive keywords.

Zoo Looking

This book is about a father and daughter on a trip to the zoo. It has great illustrations, and is repetitive so is great for an early reader.

Curious George Visits the Zoo

What more can you say? It’s Curious George. The students love hearing about his adventures. I could also have a discussion with the students about how to act at the zoo while using this book. What did George do well/not so well while at the zoo, etc.

1,2,3 to the Zoo

This is a book by Eric Carle. It has whimsical pictures with zoo animals and counting added in.


About kendraebryan

I am a graduate student in Reading Education at the University of TN. I also teach kindergarten at a private school in West Knoxville. I just completed my first year teaching. I am looking forward to my second year.
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3 Responses to Text Set Collection #1: Zoo animals for PreK-Kindergarten age group

  1. Amy Coleman says:

    Wow Kendra, your text set is awesome. I love the variety! It is all encompassing with websites, games, books… and you even included the standards. I hope to use this in my classroom!

  2. sterg says:

    I like the variety of items you found, too! My particular faves are the San Diego Zoo site. The idea of adopting and following an animal over the course of a year sounds pretty excellent. Also I liked the Switchzoo activity. You can make some interesting creatures there, and naming them, and making up places for them to live and descriptions of what they do seems a fun creative task.

  3. Marty says:

    This was an awesome text set. If my son were doing this lesson I think he would really enjoy it. He loves animals and this seems like a great way for students to be able to interact with different animals without actually making the physical trip to the zoo.

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